A couple of long days

A very calm Portland Bill
Selfie heading into Dartmouth
Turn left after the minesweeper.
View from my 'cabin' at Dartmouth

A couple of long days sailing with some decent distance covered. Today a landmark as I crossed into the South Devon region of Windguru.

Rounding Portland Bill very easy yesterday. On the right day and at the right time anybody could sail round.

Cutting corners saves distance but there is a risk of getting quite stuck if the wind drops whilst you're far offshore. That nearly happened yesterday, but fortunately a breeze returned to get me Lyme Regis.

It is easy lose appreciation of how far out you really are. After about an hour sailing in to Lyme I saw some model boats come out the harbour. Much later I realised they were real boats.

The arrivals are the really good bits. Rod and Bernadette gave me a warm welcome in Lyme and plied me with tea and chocolate biscuits.

Today was another offshore day, this time to avoid tacking, and once I'd realised Dartmouth was within range. Land was ahead so I just kept on the same tack until I got there. I stopped and phoned a friend to work out where I was (only have basic gps with no maps, phone very difficult to see in bag in sunlight). Torquay. There was a yacht race on. Quite impressive but I didn't stay long.

Round the corner to Dartmouth. Up the Dart (just the ticket after 65km at sea!) to the naval college where I am holed up now, visiting my friend Ben. Board and barrel get an armed guard tonight.