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Long Standing Ambition

Long Standing Ambition - the book of the Round Britain adventure is

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2015 was a very good year in the life of Jono Dunnett. To those who helped make it that, thank you does not really seem sufficient. But insufficient is better than unsaid - so here goes...

First look back

I set out from Clacton 98 days ago and turned right. I kept on sailing every day I could. I had the best 3 months of my life.

Jono waves to the crowds, back at Clacton pier

He did it! Yesterday Jono completed his circumnavigation of Britain, unaided, alone, by windsurfer, the first person ever to achieve the feat.

Strathy Beach - North Scotland

Slowing up ready for a stage-managed finish, I have some time to look over the pictures from the last 3 months, and share a few.

This really is the home stretch now. After being holed up with strong winds, swell, and a headache from the town centre ammusements, in Skegness - I was keen to get moving again.

Jono blasting at Clacton, one day before he set off!

Barring disasters, Jono is now within easy sailing distance of his finish line at Clacton on Sea pier, allowing the luxury of a planned finish to the adventure.

No wind. Options limited.

Progress down the east coast may have appeared rather regular and untroubled. Certainly I haven't been feeling the pressure of time.

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