End in sight...

Strathy Beach - North Scotland
Welsh Puffins - St Brides Bay
Saw a lot of Puffins, they'd lost their colourful beaks by the end of summer
Pennan - Local Hero - did a lot of Dire Straits humming around here
I met so many kind folk along the way - including some more than once! I first met these guys in Northern Ireland and they kept an eye on me on the crossing to Scotland.
The Summer Isles - looking, at best, autumnal
Skerries Radio - a bit calm for the authentic sound of lapping waves
Another fantastic beach - NW Scotland
Sound of Sleat. Great boat, weather, location. I almost became a sailor.
Sandwood Bay - NW Scotland - last stop before Cape Wrath
East Anglian seals - Great Yarmouth
Spey estuary - the forced/unplanned stops were often special

Slowing up ready for a stage-managed finish, I have some time to look over the pictures from the last 3 months, and share a few. Having (almost) sailed around our Island I realise I still haven't really seen it, for that I'd have to go back, go slower. Maybe walk, or kayak, or fly.

But I digress. Reflections can wait. This isnt quite yet a signing off post.

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