Jono’s Windsurf Round Britain - How does it end?

Jono blasting at Clacton, one day before he set off!

Barring disasters, Jono is now within easy sailing distance of his finish line at Clacton on Sea pier, allowing the luxury of a planned finish to the adventure. Many people have enquired about seeing him finish, so the following is ‘the plan’. If you’re anywhere near Clacton or want to witness Jono finishing the job, then please read this carefully so you know where and when to be!

Information for spectators and supporters

Jono plans to sail past the pier at 2:00pm on Saturday 12 September. Entry to the pier is free and right on the end of the pier will be the best place to be to watch him cross the line. ‘Welcome Home’ banners and air-horns are encouraged, but please do not approach the fishermen as they are known to bite.  

Weather permitting, Jono will be escorted by a fleet of sailing dinghies from Gunfleet Sailing Club, where he learnt to sail as a boy. It’s also likely/possible that other boats and windsurfers will sail the final leg with Jono (see information below if you’re keen to do this).

Jono will then come ashore on the beach immediately to the west of the pier. This will be a chance for press to get photos and breathlessly interview the daring adventurer. I’m planning to have an ice cream and marvel at Jono’s amazing achievement: Three months of sailing, over two thousand miles travelled. Each night’s destination uncertain. No boat following him around. Carrying his own gear, alone with the waves, the currents, the sometimes towering cliffs, the windswept beaches, the thin green line of land hazy in the distance, and sometimes not even there at all. I’ll probably go for a mint choc-chip Cornetto, but might decide on a Magnum if they’ve got one. 

The dinghies and Jono will then sail back north the two miles back to Gunfleet Sailing Club which has very kindly offered its clubhouse for a celebratory buffet meal in recognition of Jono’s exploits. This will begin at 6:30pm. All and any followers of Jono’s expedition are welcome to attend, in fact we’d love to see you, just please contact to let us know so we can get an idea of numbers to cater for. Food will be free, and the club has a bar where people can buy drinks. The club’s address is 1 Hazlemere Rd, Holland-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea CO15 5HU. There’s plenty of free parking, and it’s very easy to find, on the clifftop east of the pier.

Information for those looking to sail with Jono on his final day

Earlier that day Jono is intending to start his final sail from Felixstowe beach, the exact time will depend on the weather. This is approximately 13 nautical miles from Clacton Pier or a one hour drive. At the time of writing a small group of windsurfers on longboards and raceboards are considering starting with Jono and sailing the final leg. If you’d like to join in, please be aware that there are no rescue facilities and it would be up to you to get your kit/boats to the start and end, and if anything happened we wouldn’t be able to help (beyond checking you get ashore safely) 

It’s also important to stress that accompanying Jono on this final stretch is something that only experienced sailors/windsurfers should do, and only if they have the appropriate equipment. If you’re a windsurfer you’ll need gear that works in non planing winds (not waveboards). If sailing a a dinghy you’re likely to be considerably slower, so may need to set off earlier. 

Having put those caveats in place, if you’d like to join in, Jono will be thrilled to have you along, please contact and I’ll able to keep you up to date as details are finalised. 

Key times and information

Date: Saturday 12 September 2015

2.00pm, Clacton Pier: Jono expected to cross the line to finish his Windsurf Round Britain

6.30pm, Gunfleet Sailing Club: Celebratory buffet meal in recognition of Jono’s achievement (please RSVP to for catering numbers)

Thanks to all for following Jono’s journey, and I hope to see some of you at the weekend!