Northern Ireland to Scotland

Updates from me have been a bit few and far between of late, so a few lines from Machrihanish (Mull of Kintyre) having crossed here from Glenarm in Northern Ireland.

I'd been hoping to get further north yesterday but squally conditions (a bit of a battle to get back to the shore by Larne) had meant I'd left myself a fair chunk to do before the crossing.

Today should have been ideal but the forecast wind never really came, so I spent several hours against foul tide going nowhere. A bit late there was a decent puff though and I was making 10 knots in the right direction, so before I knew it was committed to going (particularly as the wind dropped and tide was already going quite well).

So the wind dropped but never disappeared. I put my faith in my maths and a few hours later was enjoying the last mile or so coming into Machrihanish. Sea pretty flat, thankfully. Races is the Mull not much happening but enough to let you know it sometimes does. Think l was due an easy one. A few yachts around (all motorsailing).

It did feel quite emotional coming in. Scotland is so stunning. The tension that builds before the crossing all eases. The Mull of Kintyre is also BIG.

Meal in pub. Looking forward to the next bits between the islands.

Sorry a bit knackered for much detail! Shelter set up on beach. Sleep will come easy tonight.